Your Photographer Should Attend Your Wedding Rehearsal

wedding photographer EssexSome people ask if they should invite their wedding photographer Essex to their dinner or wedding rehearsal. Some question the etiquette while others think of the benefits of doing so. We will consider these two things and let you come up with a decision that will be suitable for you!

First, we’ll talk about inviting them in terms of manner.

Some people think you should invite especially your wedding vendor because they are part of the team that makes sure the day will be as perfect as you can imagine. Others think that everyone involved should be invited for the sake of showing your manner.

It is totally up to you to invite or not as most wedding photographers will not sweat it. It is better to get invited but it is not a problem at all if the client chose to set up a private rehearsal dinner. There is also the budget to think about, so your wedding photographer will not pressure you about it. If you want it to be a closed event only for your loved ones, no pressure.

The next would be the benefits of inviting them. We have known now that wedding photographers never pressure their clients about inviting them to the rehearsal. But they also want you to know the benefits for them and ultimately, for you. It will affect the pictures that you get and depend on the photographer, each of them has different opinions, but overall positive, about it.

A professional wedding photographer Essex like will tell you how attending the rehearsal helps them make more friends with your family. Why is that a good thing? During the wedding, your photographer will end up taking their pictures as well. The best ones have expressions that are shown from deep in their heart; natural, unscripted moments.

So, the first benefit is a better relationship with the family.

The next is the pictures. Some photographers even include this as a part of the package while others only do it if they are invited. Pictures of your dinner rehearsal are going to be very memorable and we know that from how many readers commented that they did not expect it at all.

It is like the calm before the storm.

That rehearsal night, you and everyone you loved practiced for the wedding but the pressure isn’t as bad as it is on your wedding day. You laughed hard and everyone was grinning from ear to ear. Everyone was happy as an upcoming happy event draws near. You won’t be able to even smile normally from nervousness on your wedding day!

The last, but not the least, would be to allow your photographer try taking some pictures of the both of you. He might have some places he wants to try his ideas. He can also ask for your opinions directly on the pictures or his working methods. Talking things out before the actual day will prevent misunderstanding and ensure better results later.

As you can see, in the end, inviting the wedding photographer Essex will only bring benefits for you. Yet, it is not something that you must do. Photographers won’t pressure you about it.

Should You Hire an Expensive Wedding Photographer?

York wedding photographerTo make sure that you will like and not be disappointed with your wedding pictures, you might be considering to hire an expensive York wedding photographer.

But, it’s really expensive, no joke.

That’s why you need to do your research and make sure that choosing that particular skillful photographer that costs you more than your wedding dress is worth it.


A photographer that prices himself high knows that he’s exceptional in the field. Such photographer is more quality-oriented, focused on delivering the best to their clients. These photographers, in order to do so, sacrifice the amount of job that is offered and only accept the amount of workload that they can handle.

A photographer to be quality-oriented can only take care of no more than 50-60 weddings a year. That might not be the case with many other photographers who like to take up as many as they can for the money. Quality is then compromised as long as they get paid and you can only settle with whatever pictures you end up with.

So, why if the photographer limits his job? How much can it affect your wedding pictures?

Well, let’s say that you are closing into the date of your wedding. You are about to do a rehearsal session with all your guests and family members. Inviting your wedding photographer is part of it to ensure that you and he are both on the same page. Yet, your York wedding photographer said that he can’t make it there.

Well, that’s okay, it’s just a rehearsal, but not that it will not happen with, and you’ll soon know why.

Afterward, on the wedding day, he comes and starts working. Yet, he is actually not yet sure about what is going to happen on that day. Yes, he knows you are getting married there and the reception will start later in the evening, but the itinerary, the details, he doesn’t know any of it. So, there he goes just rolling with it. For a professional photographer, this is a very dangerous situation.

You need to at least have the itinerary around your head to know when to go where and who to shoot. The performances by guests and family members are important moments that everyone wants to be captured. If you are standing too far from the stage, you won’t be able to get a good shot of what’s going on.

And then there’s the post-production part of the job. The pictures need to be edited to perfection and then previewed to clients. But this requires time and the photographer will not have time if he’s taking up a lot of jobs.

While an expensive photographer, or quality-oriented photographer, is more determined to bring the best quality for you. A York wedding photographer that has less thing to do can be more focused on the job. And for your wedding pictures that you will never have the chance to take again, won’t you pay as much as required to gain the best?

5 Tips from Professional Photographer You Need

Leeds wedding photographerYou’re currently in need of a professional Leeds wedding photographer and you’ll do well to also listen to their suggestions. However, many of them don’t want to get out of their way to tell you because many people think that these vendors are trying to tell their employers what to do! Trust us, that’s not what they are doing.

These are 5 tips what you’ll do better to listen to your photographer.

Lessen your group pictures

The first thing that many photographers know tend to hinder with their job is the fact that there are just too many group pictures to take. The couple wishes to have all the guests captured formally in their camera. The underlying assumption is that one day we’ll look back again and we also want these people to feel appreciated.

Guess what, it doesn’t really matter. When those people aren’t exactly as close as you thought, you are not subject to take their pictures. However, if you lessen it, you can save your photographer’s time to continue to take other more important and meaningful pictures.

Hire soon

Some couples think photographers are bluffing when they encourage clients to book soon. It’s actually a fact that many photographers are booked as early as years ahead. You’re racing with others in making sure this photographer suits you and available on your date.

If you keep the photographer waiting and take too much time considering, your photographer might just sign the contract with someone else! Although, there’s a chance that even if you only think of hiring one 6 months before the wedding, you can still get someone you want.

Just as an example, the owner of the site is a professional Leeds wedding photographer. A couple can book as early as 2 years ahead of time to make sure that she’s available on that day.

Let your photographer in

Don’t limit, but let the photographer be involved in the preparations for your wedding. One way to do this is to invite him to your wedding rehearsal. This is your chance to let the photographer train and sound his opinions. Based on that, you can make changes to your decorations or how it should proceed.

There’s nothing like the advice of someone who’s seen the success and failure of many weddings before.

Don’t doubt them

If you’ve gone out your way to find a professional photographer and have decided to hire that person, trust him. You didn’t spend so many time meeting and contemplating just to end up telling your photographer what to do. By believing in them, you’re saving both of you ridiculous actions that can happen.

There are this shotlist suggestion that bring more burden than a help to photographers. There’s also the photographer-does-better-with-instructions idea that should never even be considered.

Give them the rating they need

Photographers rarely rely on return customers. The most they live from is a friend’s referral or from advertising. If you do find their service satisfactory, never be hesitant to drop a review and rate them. It’s the best way to repay the photographer for the effort they’ve put.

Keep the review honest and objective and your Leeds wedding photographer won’t be hesitant to throw in a bonus or two either.

Newborn Photography: Being Safe is Important

Orange County newborn photographerSafety is number one priority that photographers and parents should prioritize. No matter how professional you think you are, there’s always nothing to lose to read and be reminded of it. Who knows, there might even be things that as an Orange County newborn photographer you haven’t known.

And here are 4 most important safety points to note when you’re shooting newborn babies.

Room’s safety

The room where the baby will have its photography session has to be clean, conducive and quiet. Set the room temperature to 4-5 degrees higher than your typical setting. The newborn baby is going to be undressed and naked most of the time. Not to mention that it’s going to be a long session and you want the baby to stay healthy and sleepy.

It’s also important that the room has been thoroughly clean and safe for the baby to be around. No mess from previous session or dusty floor on the set. If possible, set a separate room or space from mom to nurse her baby. It doesn’t have to be a specially built nursery room, but a private space wide enough for mom to do her job.

Not all poses

As a newborn photographer, you might be enthusiastic to use famous poses and some that you think will be very suitable for the baby. But, it’s also important to remember that not all babies can do all kind of poses. Some might not be able to settle long in having their legs curled up too deep. Others don’t like having to lay on their back all open.

The Orange County newborn photographer from explains that one has to be quick in noticing this and moving on to the next pose. It takes time, but as one keeps on practicing, you’ll get the gist of when a baby just can’t settle down.

You also need to have the parents or an assistant help you to hold the baby’s head up. In certain poses, such as ones where you have the baby’s hands crosses and holding the head up, you need someone to hold the head up. Those small hands aren’t ready for this position. Newborn’s body structure is still made of fragile bones that are beginning to strengthen.

Hanging bags

Be careful with hanging bags. Some photographers find it dangerous to even hang babies at all, while others still do this and argue that they have put enough cushion just under the baby. With safety in mind, but also the results at stake what should you do?

Don’t let the parents choose how it should be done, that’s the first thing you need to remember. Set your own standard and stick by it. The more ‘ethical’ newborn photographers code mentions that newborns should never be hung up in mid-air and that the pictures can easily be processed through Photoshop. Others still do the hanging method and make sure that the parents and assistants are standby with lots of pillows and cushions under the baby.

Certain things you need to know when doing this is that firstly, the hanging bag is designed to hold the weight of newborn babies. Secondly, you’ve checked the strength of the bag and thirdly, you don’t allow the use of similar props as an Orange County newborn photographer if the parents suddenly suggest them to you, unless you’ve checked the safety.

Discussion That Can Change Your Wedding Pictures

wedding photography EdinburghDiscussing with your photographer on your booked wedding photography Edinburgh can change a lot of things. Your wedding occasion is a once-only thing that happens in your lifetime and it’s obviously something you want a lot of people to remember.

Therefore, there are a lot of things that you need to prepare to make sure that the day is going to be well. One of it is to discuss with your wedding photographer about your wedding and we’ll help you on what to discuss.

Can they attend rehearsal?

Is your photographer able to attend the rehearsal later? It’s a very important night for you and your important guests and family members. You will be rehearsing on the wedding procession and you can also discuss and ask the organizer how is better.

Your photographer has to be able to attend the rehearsal. Why? Because this allows everyone that will be taking part in the wedding, such as the marrying couple, bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents to discuss things. Your photographer can take part and tell you all if the positions you’re standing look good.

Aside from that, your photographer will also be able to suggest if there are decorations that can be changed.

Who owns the copyright?

The next important topic is on who owns the pictures. Many people thought that once they pay their photographer the money for their service, they own the pictures automatically. While you are going to be given the digital files and printed pictures if you ordered some, you are the owner of the pictures. is the site of a photographer who provides wedding photography Edinburgh. You can guess that he owns most of those pictures and gained the consent of them to be used on his site.

Even when those pictures have my face? Yeah, just like how models don’t own the pictures on the magazines’ cover page. The copyright owner is the person who can do whatever they want within the legal limit. It’s important to find out from your photographer because you can be involved in copyright issue if you print out or post to public your wedding pictures.

Ask your photographer and negotiate the term before signing the contract. See if there’s any way for you to become the sole owner, or at least has a shared ownership with the photographer over your wedding pictures.

Did you discuss the changes?

The changes that occur to the wedding, did you talk about it with your photographer? While hiring a professional means we shouldn’t be bothered with things like informing every single thing to our photographer, it’s surely something that should be taken for granted.

If you notice that the changes are quite major, do not shock your wedding photographer first thing in the morning with such thing. Make sure that all the vendors that are working with you understand the situation.

This also shows that you respect your wedding photographer and doesn’t leave him in the dark about your wedding. It will affect how they’ll perform and the end results of your pictures. They prepare to do the best, but it’ll be all for naught if you change things and doesn’t inform them at all.

These are things that you have to talk about with your photographer regarding your wedding photography Edinburgh.

How To Not Get Disappointed With Your Greenwich Wedding Photographer

Greenwich wedding photographerThere are a lot of wedding photographers out there who offered lips service and telling you all the great things they’ve done and they can do for you. The problem now is that many of those don’t perform as good as you’ve expected and paid. In fact, it takes time in selecting and choosing the best Greenwich wedding photographer for your special day.

We opt to provide several tips for our readers to make sure that they make the single, most satisfactory decision for their wedding pictures.

Search right after the both of you have committed

The moment that serious talk is at the place, begin your search for the right wedding photographer. Taking your time in talking, reading, and finding out about those who said that they are experts of 30 years and professionals will allow you to see the real skills of theirs.

Friends’ recommendations are the best place to start. These people have experienced how their wedding photographers sealed and captured their dream weddings. Perhaps, you can find yourself being able to trust this person more as they’ve proven what they’ve done.

If you cannot find any good recommendation, browsing through the blogs and galleries of professional wedding photographers is also a great way to search.

The point is to never procrastinate what is imminent. The more you procrastinate, the more hectic things will be on your wedding day.

Know what to expect

The next tip is to know what to expect from each wedding photographer you meet. They will have a different style, pricing, and weaknesses that you have to consider. Will they be able to overcome the challenge of your wedding? Will you be satisfied if you imagine yourself in one of their portfolios?

The is the site of a Greenwich wedding photographer who is always able to communicate things with their clients. They know what to tell you so that you can expect the right things and be not disappointed with your wedding album later on.

Not-so-friendly photographer

Understand that not all wedding photographers are equally skilled in socializing. Some of them are really eager to become your photographer and help as much as they can, but they are unable to communicate things smoothly with you.

While others can be smooth-talkers but unable to deliver the expected results. Because of this, it’s important to stay objective, while still considering the possibility of being comfortable with the person during your wedding day.

Communicate things

Make sure that both of you understand the contract and also what is going to happen during the wedding photography. As much as possible, communicate things and clear up foggy statements to avoid legal issues later on.

If there are things that you want to change the contract, you can always ask your photographer about it. But make sure to do this, before you sign the contract. After you sign it, you cannot force him/her to change any of the clauses anymore.

Tell your Greenwich wedding photographer what you expect to see in your wedding pictures. You can also invite your photographer to your rehearsal to talk about how and where the pictures should be taken. This can save your time on your wedding day and guarantee better quality pictures and also allow the both of you to prepare for it.

All You Need to Know About Starting A Website on WordPress

wordpress support for photographersStarting a photography business is always followed by setting up a website for people to find you. It can be pretty overwhelming, considering that you have no idea about sites, unless you were a blogger to start with. Most photographers would want a quick guide that don’t talk too many technicalities, but still hit the spot to help them set up a nice, working website.

So, here you go!

1. Choose a hosting provider

This is your first step. If you are wondering if there is any way to set up a site without paying, no there isn’t (aside from free hosting providers that will add .blogspot and so on next to your domain name). If you aim for a professional WordPress support for photographers, you need to find premium hosting providers.

As for where you should base your website, WordPress is the best place to go. This is because WordPress is constantly updating their system and security to make sure that all sites will operate properly and safe from attacks.

2. Choose the right theme

Across the Internet there are thousands and probably millions of so-called photography themes. But only so few can actually fare well most of the time. You should also consider what others are mostly using. Try not to use the same theme and customize your own look. Several themes provide users with the ability to change the way their sites look in terms of theme, color, or even the overall look.

3. Arrange your pictures

Put it in a way that is easy for visitors to see. There are several plugins that will help you with this.

If you haven’t known yet what plugin is, they are small pack of coding that helps add features and fancy looks to your site. That includes giving you the ability to create your own online gallery.

Using plugin to create a gallery based on types of photography packages available is a great way to provide your visitor with a nice, neat look.

4. Regularly update

Make sure that the site, plugins, and themes are all regularly updated. Because WordPress is constantly updating, everything else has to keep up with the new system. Updating regularly ensures that everything runs properly every day. This means you need to set a regular maintenance schedule through a plugin (they have it for free) and stick to that schedule.

Updates also include the content of your site. When was the last time you updated your portfolios? Make sure you are not using pictures of 5 to 10 years ago. Always keep it updated at least once a month to show your clients that you are active and that there’s always something new to show.

5. Back up

Hosting providers typically always backs up your site in a regular schedule. Some does it every day, some once a week, depending on the package and the WordPress support for photographers they promise. It is always better if you have your own copy of back up. Things go wrong, and having extras in your Google drive won’t hurt.

You can back up the site once a week, a month or every few months. Most do backups whenever they do a major update on their site.

Wedding Photography: The Way with Words

wedding photography HertfordshireIt can be nerve-wracking. To meet someone and let them consult with you on your first meeting is nerve-wracking. Especially because most photographers who took classes were not trained in how to talk business and build rapport.

So, let’s begin with why you even need to care about building rapport with clients in wedding photography Hertfordshire.

Because it gets awkward

Imagine that you, one day, meet a photographer and although you paid for it, you had to pose in front of them. You need to smile, and even kiss your partner in this wedding photography Hertfordshire.

And that photographer is someone whom you only know his name and his job. Nothing else.

When that happens, you know for sure that worries, discomfort will show on your face. It’ll ruin the pictures and is just impossible to get a nice wedding picture that way.

For photographers, to do anything in order to get the best pictures is a must. So, there you go, the reason to start paying attention to how you talk and treat your clients.

Learn to ask questions

Now, some photographers come up and talk about how bad it’ll make them look if they ask too many questions. Since you’re expected to be professional, you think that you should act like an all-knowing.

A professional wedding photographer Hertfordshire from talks about how he loves to know about clients. Obviously, when you’re interested in someone, you’ll ask questions to know more about them. It’s impossible to expect clients to rant on and on about themselves.

If this isn’t your thing, begin with writing down things you want to ask. Start with when the date is and why they chose that particular date. Ask if the season has any particular meaning. Things like what they want to do to make the wedding party unique or special meanings behind the things they do are also good.

Even trivial things like how long have they lived here and where are they planning to move will help build a closer relationship. Know that you will meet again in a few months to years when the date is getting closer.

Checking in once in a while

Keep the relationship nice and steady by keeping in touch throughout the years. They might come to you to consult a few times before the wedding, so always make time to meet them.

It’ll be better if you can have time to greet their family members and introduce yourself to them before the wedding. If you can’t, arriving earlier on the wedding day will also do. Say a word or two before shooting dress-up parts.

Post service

Even after everything is done, end the job with some positive remarks about them. “It’s been great working for you guys. The wedding was awesome and I wish you both a happy life.” This is a way to end it on a positive note. In return, they’ll leave you with positive comments as well.

First and last impressions are the most important in anything; commercials, ads, movies, and of course, people. By leaving a nice image of yourself, probably by throwing in additional services and commending them, will help a lot in how they’ll begin to tell others about your work.

Wedding Planning 4 Months Out

Food and music.

wedding photographer leicesterSo it’s 4 months left before the big day and you are literally standing on your nerves. There are a lot of other things that you need to take care of. Some finishing touches for the main wedding day, so to speak. One thing that you need to prep at around this time would have to be the food that you will be serving out to your guests for the wedding as well as the type of music that you will be playing. You can leave this off up until this timeline because when you come to think about it, there isn’t really much for you to do other than book the vendors and pick out what your preferences are and make sure that they are accordingly communicated with the said vendors of your choice so far. The food and the entertainment will really get to set the vibe in motion during the wedding day and this is something that can really make all of the difference in the world, if it is something that actually gets done right at some point or so.

Write down your reception timeline.

If you want the wedding day to go by exactly as planned, then what you need to know right out is that it should be planned out down to the last detail. Sit down and write down what your preferred sequence is for the wedding along with the estimated timelines of how you would like them to happen. Be absolutely detailed when it comes to this. More than that, you also need to give some items a few breathers in between. It can’t go on continuously because there are bound to be some delays and it means that the timeline will not be realistic if you don’t make enough room for something like that.

Book the rentals.

Are you planning on adding a few more touches for the wedding ceremony and reception party? If you want to have a photo booth rental set up, for example, 4 months out should be a pretty good timeline for you to get that started. Mind you, a photo booth should in no way replace your wedding photographer Leicester coverage. You still need the real deal but a photo booth can be a fun and whimsical touch to what you are trying to do or pull off for the wedding so far and this is something that you should go out of your way to check out. Most of the photo booths are fairly affordable and you even get to pick out the logos and the backgrounds while you are at it.

Begin the dress fittings and alterations.

You might have gone down a dress size or so amidst all of the stress with the wedding planning and all that and this means that the dress wouldn’t be a perfect fit anymore. Dress fittings during this time will ensure that your dress will really end up fitting you like a glove. It would be nice to specify a bridal shoot in the wedding photographer Leicester offers that you have been getting so that you have photos to take out of these dress fittings as well.

How To Handle Your Wedding Plans With Ease

wedding photographer KentIf you don’t ask, you might never get it. this can be a tough reality for most of the brides to be out there who are a little shy or who aren’t that outspoken and if you happen to categorize yourself as one of those people, then you should always make it a point to speak up a little bit. It will not be the hardest thing to take on and imagine the benefits that can come along with something like this at the end of the day. It is very important that you make it a point to overcome your initial shyness. If you want something from wedding photographer Kent vendors and other vendors that you may be dealing with for the wedding, then you should make it a point to try to talk to them. The skills of negotiation will really get to serve you well somewhere in the wedding planning process so make it a point to consider that and think about that as much as you possibly can because it is just the type of thing that will really pan out for you and save you so much money somewhere in the process. If you want to ask for freebies, the best way for you to approach this would be to just blurt it out and to stop beating around the bush. It helps if you pair it up with a nice smile so that you can butter up your vendors, too! If it works for you, then there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t have a go at it.

Make your flowers work overtime.

Wedding flowers can cost you a lot of money and having two separate sets of arrangements for the ceremony and reception can be a really costly thing to have to deal with especially if you have a limited budget that you would have to work with for the wedding day so far. A smart way to handle something like this would be to use the same floral arrangements in the wedding ceremony for the reception as well. Your wedding photographer Kent coverage will barely even notice this and no one will even notice this that much. And even if they do, no one will really care. They will even be able to appreciate your ingenuity somewhere in the process so think about that and get that taken into account while you can.

Easy on the expenses of the groomsmen.

It’s nice for the bride and groom to foot the bill for the tux and for the rest of all of the other needs of the inner wedding party but if you honestly don’t have the budget for this, then don’t force it. Have them wear any tux they may already own instead. The wedding photographer Kent photos will come out just fine and you won’t even be stretching your budget out that much during the process.

Same goes for the bridesmaid costs.

If you want to at least do something for your bridesmaids, you can at least cover for half the costs if you can wing it but make sure that you get your budget in line as much as possible. For breathtaking bridesmaid wedding photographer Kent shots, go to Penny Young Photography.